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Please note there are no permission nodes for this plugin, for someone to be able to access the GUI they must be added to the super admin list by running upc addsuperadmin [player] from the servers console.

Permission and Translations

With thousands of Permissions, Ultra Permissions has a fairly large permission database to show you all important permissions at a glance. We, as a community added almost all well-known plugins to the database. And if a plugin is not in the database, Ultra Permissions tries its best to extract those permissions from the plugin Jar File instead.
Ultra Permissions is also now fully translatable, all the translations you find are done by people in the community. We welcome new translations for the plugin to be easy to use for everyone.

How to contribute:


Translations are hosted on the pluging resorce database it can be found here.
To contribute, find untranslated phrases in the language files of the languages you know, If there is not a file for a language, copy the default file and rename it to reflect the new language.
Please don’t translate already translated phrases unless it is glaringly wrong, as some regions have slightly different ways of saying the same thing.


The Permission Database is hosted on Github and you are welcome to contribute to it.
To contribute, find a plugin that is not in the list or find missing permissions, and add the missing permission nodes.
When adding new permissions and plugins please include a link to the spigot page and the page where the perms are listed.
IF REMOVING OLD PERMISSIONS please link something that sais the permission was removed form the plugin.
The instruction are available on Github as well!

Vault Support

Ultra Permissions supports the Vault Chat Hook as well as the Permissions Hook. You can use it with any other plugin that is Vault compatible. Some vault features may be limited due to the different behavior Ultra Permissions has compared to other Permissions Plugins.