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All of these commands can only be used either with the console or as a superadmin.

  • /uperms for the GUI

Other Commands:

  • /upc addGroup <Player> <Group> (Time 3h, 10d)
  • /upc addGroupPermission <Group> <Permission> (Options)
  • /upc addPlayerPermission <Player> <Permission> (Options)
  • /upc addSuperadmin <Player>
  • /upc purge
  • /upc removeGroup <Player> <Group>
  • /upc removeGroupPermission <Group> <Permission>
  • /upc removePlayerPermission <Player> <Permission>
  • /upc removeSuperadmin <Player>
  • /upc setGroups <Player> <Groups...> (Options)
  • /upc setPlayerPrefix <Player> <Prefix / None>
  • /upc setPlayerSuffix <Player> <Suffix / None>
  • /upc sync
  • /upc transfer (From <File / MySQL>) (To <File / MySQL>)

(Options) means that you can add additional options seen below. You seperate each option with a space.

  • Time ex. 1d 4h 3m (d = day, h = hour, m = minute)
  • bungee (Will be applied as a Bungee Permission)
  • local (Will be applied only on the current Server)
  • world name (Will be applied only to the according world)