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PlaceholderAPI/MvdWPlaceholderAPI Hook

Ultra Permissions hooks into PlaceholderAPI/MvdWPlaceholderAPI to allow you to get information about your players and put it into other plugins, for example, a scoreboard.

More info here: Placeholders

Vault Hook

Ultra Permissions hooks into Vault using its Permission and Chat hooks. You can use it with any other plugin that is Vault compatible, like EssentialsX. Some vault features may be limited due to the different behavior Ultra Permissions has compared to other Permissions Plugins.

NametagEdit Hook NEW

Ultra Permissions uses NametagEdit’s api to allow for a player’s prefix/suffix to show above a player’s head. It uses the same values as the %uperms_prefix% and %uperms_suffix% placeholders.

How do I enabled this hooks? You don’t have to! UltraPermissions will automatically detect if you have the plugin, and if you do, it will enable the hook!