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Network Install (w/ Bungee)

This guide will cover how to install Ultra Permissions on a network.

  • Drop your UltraPermissions.jar into all plugin directories including your BungeeCord
  • Make sure all spigot.ymls have bungeecord set to true.

Repeat this for all Servers

  • Connect to the Server
  • Execute upc addSuperAdmin <Your Name> via the console
  • Connect to your MySQL (/uperms > Expand > MySQL)
  • Enable BungeeCord Mode for all Servers (/uperms > Expand > Bungee Mode)

If everything went well you should have to add yourself again as a superadmin and all your data should sync.

If you used Ultra Permissions with Flat File before:

  • Do /upc transfer File MySQL to copy your data. A restart is required